DIY Tutorial: Child’s Memory Book


Here is  an easy and quite inexpensive project for a DIY Child’s Memory Book. My son and niece are both entering Kindergarten this year, so I wanted to make a little memory book where they can write down things about being five and this big, exciting and adventure- filled year. This tutorial shows the book I did for my niece. Feel free to adapt this idea for any other occasion, vacation, etc.

Suggested items for this project:


– A blank journal or sketch book (or you could use a photo album, etc) I got mine from Lakeshore Learning Store. I didn’t want a super thick book, so this was perfect. I tried to find a cheaper one at the dollar stores nearby, but didn’t find anything similar or hard covered without lines.


– Small frame or frames for the cover of your memory book. I purchased these at Michaels Art and Craft Stores for $1.00 each (You can also use their 40% off coupon downloaded from their website)

– A printer for the lettering (optional)

– Stickers & scrapbook supplies

Here are some pictures of the pages I made to give you an idea of some things you could include in your child’s memory book.


These are the first two pages. They are for photo’s and a little bit for birthday comments.


I used stickers on the corners or only partly glued down one side of these scrapbook borders, so that photos can be inserted and then glued down properly later.


I printed the words out and then traced over them by pushing down with a pencil over the letters in the place I wanted them at. The paper was too thick to see through, so I imprinted them on the page and went over with a silver pen.


Next two pages are an ‘ All About Me’ Section. And there is a circle or square for the child to draw a picture or fill in the answers.

The All About’s were:

My hair color is:

My eye color is:

I am this tall:

I weigh this much:

My address is:

And extra space to write, draw or add photos.


These pages are for a picture of school and the teacher.

I added boxes to answer the following questions:

– Activities I Do:

– My Favorite Subjects Are:

– I Love These Things About My Teacher:

– Favorite School Lunch:


These pages are for photos or for the child to draw a picture of their best friends & classmates. I added a couple borders and stickers.


These pages are for capturing fun and favorites from your child at this age.

Here is a list of My Favorite Things for the child to fill out with the help of the parent, if needed. I got some of the ideas for the questions from here:

– Favorite Holidays?

– Favorite Places to Visit?

– Favorite Outfit?

– What Do You Take to Bed With You?

– What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up?

– Favorite Toys?

– Favorite Games & Sports?

– Favorite Thing to Do Outside?

– Favorite Fruits?

– Favorite Foods?

– Favorite Drinks?

– Favorite Animals?

– Favorite Colors?

– Favorite Songs?

– Favorite TV Shows & Movies?

– Favorite Books & Stories?

I just wrote these free hand, nothing fancy. Of course, you can put all much work into this as you’d like.

The next page had flower circles for short stories of fun things that happen during the year.


A place to add photo’s of family and loved ones. I free handed a simple ‘treelike’ form.


These pages are dedicated to funny things kids do and say. I added a bunch of scrap book cutouts for the parents to write down the ‘Silly Things’ and a photo area for a funny face.

The next five pages I left empty for the niece to fill in with things that she wants to add, say, ballet or a graduation picture, art drawings, scrapbook type items, etc.

I left the frames unattached to the front, so photos can be added to the frames or used separately.

Here is the Cost Breakdown for This Project:

– $3.29 for the blank journal book (Sign up for Lakeshore Learning Coupons to save $) or find/make a cheaper booklet

– $4.00 for the colorful mini frames (Also can visit Michaels website and download a 40% off one item coupon)

– Free scrapbook items and stickers. I have had these supplies hanging around, so I didn’t buy any extra for this project. But, I like to keep my eyes peeled at dollar stores and use 40% or sale coupons for the stickers and scrapbook items at other stores. Beware though, only do this if you are actually going to use these items! It’s easy to stockpile and then not want to get rid of it because, hey you spent good money on it. I know the feeling. When I was full into scrapbooking, I would always mentally fight myself from picking up girly and flowery scrapbooking supplies. I have five boys! So keep in mind your intention to use the items you buy, or its a waste of money.

Total Cost:

$7.29 for this project (A little high and you could certainly find a less expensive book option)

I’d love to hear your memory keeping ideas? Any one make a book, do share it here!


2 thoughts on “DIY Tutorial: Child’s Memory Book

  1. Oh my goodness-this is adorable! Both of my girls are going to Kindergarten this year, so this is brilliant! I am going to steal this idea for sure! Genius!

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