Idea: Summer Reading Box


Here is a quick idea for a SUMMER READING BOX. Take a few minutes to gather up a few items to keep the kids reading sharp this summer.


I have a five year old starting Kindergarten in the fall, so we have been tackling learning to read this past year. While he has always loved books, he is starting to make some real progress in actually reading. To keep that inspiration going and the skills sharp I pulled together some of the readers and reading series we have been working through.

Hooked on Phonics readers. I found an older version at the thrift store for $25.00 for five reading level boxes. On Amazon I see these going for $70.00 for a used set. It did happen to have all the box items there, but I really just wanted the readers for practice since we are already doing another reading series.

A Beka Handbook for Reading. We have been using A Beka program for K4 & K5, which we have been working through in prep for Kindergarten. This is the reading series we have been using, along with the other workbooks. I bought this new many years ago when I used them with my older kids, but you can certainly find them second hand.

Other A Beka readers. These thin booklet readers are part of the A Beka reading program. I hole punched them and had them in a small 3 ring binder, so the booklets all stay together and are a bit more protected. Again, I had these already.

BOB books. This is a new- to- me series. A friend had given me a couple of these thin readers and I had read about them on a couple blogs. They are super simple readers that help kids get to, ‘Wow, I read the whole book by myself’ quickly. When I saw them in Costco, I bought the first box set for $10.00. Which compared to Amazon is still cheaper once you factor in shipping. However, keep a list and your eyes peeled when shopping thrift stores & garage sales. I found set #2 of the BOB readers (without the box) but in excellent shape at a thrift store for $2.00. If I wasn’t already interested in these books, I might not have taken a chance picking them up.


Gather them up into a convenient tote or box for an instant reading practice box. Switch items out once read with the next books in the series or others that you want to practice with. We also will add some flashcards to our box.

Other Ideas for Cultivating Readers:

– Take books a long in the car or store a few in there.

– Sign up for the summer reading program at your local library and win prizes.

– Make a box of new to you books from the library for your child to read & some that you or an older sib can read to the little ones.

– Make a box for each child according to their interests and add some educational ones they may not have picked up on their own.

– Have books all over the house. We have books in most of the rooms of our house, with a specific home for them, on a shelf or in a box. The more the kids see books, the more they will read them.

– Have plenty and a wide range of books available. I know some people prefer not to have many books in their homes for simplicity, space or frugal preferences, I have those thoughts too! BUT, I LOVE BOOKS! My kids LOVE BOOKS! Since we LOVE and encourage reading in our family, it helps  interest the kids to have quality content books at home.

– Thrift stores & garage sales are the places I get most of my books from. All are not created equal, so you do still have to look for the deals sometimes, but they are always cheaper then new. Some thrift stores have sale days or times for certain items, those are the best times to buy books. I rarely walk out without a book or two for the kiddies. This has also been an excellent source of devotional books for the middle schoolers  and bible books for the little guys.

– Use List books you no longer need or want and trade them for a new to you one. There is a limited list, but if you are looking for classics or older books, you can find some great deals to be had. Simply list your books, when someone orders your book, you send it to them for free and they give you a credit when the book is received. You order a book from someone else and use your credit to ‘pay’ for it. So basically, you pay the cost of shipping. Usually about $2.50 a book to ship. (Not making any money off of this suggestions)

– Buy books for .99 cents on amazon or Plus shipping it is about $5.00 a book. Not the cheapest, but if there is something you want, it beats buying new. (Again, not making money at the moment off any of these suggestions. These are just my tips/ideas/suggestions of things I do)

– Swap or borrow from family and friends. This could work out in certain instances. For example, I have read certain books with my older boys, they have out grown them but I still want to read them with my younger ones, so while the little guys don’t currently need them I can lend them to my niece, and still own the books for later on.

– Accept and ask for hand me down books. I always ask my little sisters (now 17 & 19) for their old books. My whole family are readers, so yeah, great source.

– Ask for books as gifts. My family asks my kids what they want for birthday and Christmas gifts, so we keep a running wishlist of books we’d like on Amazon for a quick reference.


Reading ROCKS! Nurture life long learners by giving them opportunities to read and have access to great literature.


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