DIY Tutorial: Simple Hard Lotion Bars


I first came across Hard Lotion Bars in blogland and all the recipes seem pretty similar and so very simple. I LOVE these lotion bars and find them a lot more effective for moisturizing and locking in moisture in comparison to regular cream lotion . Here is the basic recipe to make your own hard lotion bars which you will enjoy immensely! I promise! Let’s get started.

Basic Hard Lotion Bar Recipe

Equal amounts of:

– a liquid oil or soft oil (coconut, almond, olive, etc)

– a hard butter (shea, cocoa, etc)

– beeswax

– add a few, or a lot of drops of essential oil, depending on how large your batch is.

– a tiny bit of coloring, if you’d like. I just used a teeny tiny bit of homemade chapstick that I added a little lipstick to.


Step 1: Gather your ingredients. This is what I used. I ordered the peppermint essential oil, cocoa butter wafers & beeswax from here and the coconut oil I found at Costco. If you don’t want your bars to smell like coconut, don’t use the cocoa wafers or coconut oil. ‘No, Duh!’ It will certainly smell like coconut. I don’t mind it, but it was something I just didn’t think of when buying these ingredients for this recipe.


Step 2: Place everything, except the essential oil in a bowl over a double boiler. I used a metal bowl placed in a small frying pan with water added to the pan. You could also do this in a glass dish in the microwave.

Step 4: Heat until all melted, everything will get clear when ready to be taken off the heat.

Step 5: Remove from heat source, stir in your essential oils.


Step 6: Pour your oil-soon-to-be lotion into a mold. Here I used silicone heart shaped muffin molds I bought at the .99 Cent Store. The first time I made these bars I used tiny silicone fish and starfish shaped ice trays we had hanging around, but I didn’t find it super easy to use such small, oddly shaped lotion bars. I ended up squeezing off a piece in order to use it. You can also buy candy making molds online or in craft stores. I made these cute hearts to give as gifts to the girlies in my family.

Step 7: Let the lotion mix harden in the molds, I just left them on the counter overnight. Then I wrapped them up in a piece of waxed paper to keep them from getting marks on the pretty hearts. I let my own bar sit in a small container on the bathroom counter and keep the extras in a small ziploc in the freezer.


I use my hard lotion bars every evening after a shower on my hands, feet, knees and elbows. You can use it anywhere you have dried skin though. Just grab a bar and rub it between your hands. Your body heat will melt the outsides and you just keep rubbing until you have enough on your hands and then rub them onto your dry skin. I like to put socks and gloves (usually I make it only a few minutes with the gloves, cause I can’t use my touch pad with them on) on until bedtime, although 15-20 minutes would probably do the trick, to let the lotion sink into the skin without getting rubbed off on stuff. I tend to slather up the hands and feet generously, so it takes a little longer to absorb into my skin and not feel greasy. Once it all absorbs in, it is smooth & silky and the greasy feel is gone. You can also get your hands wet without all your moisturizer coming straight off.  These are very firm bars, but will melt if placed in the hot sun or heat, like your car, so keep it in a tightly sealed container or leave it at home.

Anyone do this project? Send me the link and I’ll add it here. What are your favorite homemade beauty recipe or tip?


5 thoughts on “DIY Tutorial: Simple Hard Lotion Bars

    • It’s actually lotion Kristin But, I think you could use the silicone mold for soap making too. I’ve never made soap yet, but am looking forward to learning how. Happy you thought the bar was pretty though. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.


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