DIY Tutorial: Funny Face Plates


Here is a super simple and inexpensive tutorial for a Funny Face Plate to encourage kids to eat their veggies/fruit/food. I made these for my two youngest sons and cousin. Here is a link to the idea source:

Items Needed for my project:

– One (or more) plate. I got a small dessert sized one from the .99 Cent Store, that was flat in the middle. These small plates are great for a fruit or veggie serving, but if you want to serve a meal, use a big plate instead, as you are just putting food around the outer rim of the plate.

– One black glass paint marker. In the idea source, she uses different colored markers, but I decided I’d try it with all black. I found the glass paint marker at Michaels craft store for about $4.00 and I used their 40% off coupon that I downloaded from their site and sent to my phone. Love that! I couldn’t find the brand in the inspiration site, so I just went with what they had in the store.

– Oven to bake project


This is the glass paint marker I used by DecoArt.


Step 1: Wash your plate REALLY well. When you bake it, EVERYTHING shows up cooked on there. Even if you think its clean.

Step 2: Draw an outline of your face. I used a pencil. It didn’t really draw exactly with the gloss that are on the plates, but I got a basic shape which was good enough of a guide for me. I’m really not an artist, but it was good enough to get the features in the right spot. I didn’t get fancy and print a picture of the child I was trying to copy for each plate, rather I just focused on getting the basic features correct. As, in hair type… yeah that’s pretty much all I copied. For my littlest, I just made him a bit cartoony, like one of the plates in the inspiration, just changed the hair. I added the child’s name on the plate to make it fun and personalized and wrote the date and made by Mom/Auntie and Cole (my older son) who helped trace the marker on.


Step 3: Go over your pencil outline with the glass marker. Let it dry for 8 hours, as per the package instructions. I didn’t read this in the inspiration instructions (maybe the type of marker used there had different instructions. READ THE PACKAGING) and ended up having to write over and bake it again, as it did not stick on the plate. It just rubbed off easily with the dish sponge.

Step 4: Preheat your oven to 400 degrees and bake for 40 minutes. Again, this is the package instructions.

Step 5: Remove your lovely project from the oven and let it cool on the counter away from small hands, of course.

Step 6: Load up the food in piles to decorate the faces and let the kids at it!



Here are a couple of the veggie styled plates. If anyone tries this project send me the link and I’ll share your creations here. Have fun with this one!

Total Project Cost:

– 3 small plates from .99 cent store. $3.00

– 1 black glass paint marker $2.39 with coupon

= $1.79 per plate


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