Wrapping Up Week Five: 40 Day Green Juice Challenge


A little late WRAPPING UP WEEK FIVE of the 40 Day Green Juice Challenge. Anyhoo, here’s the run down.

Water/tea:  3 cups         Juice: 5 cups      Exercise: 30 minute walk/run                    Cheat: 1 slice of whole wheat bread


Water/tea: 2 cups       Juice: 5 cups      Exercise: 10 minute walk                                 Cheat: 1 slice of whole wheat bread

Comments: Getting really tired of drinking.

Water/tea: 4 cups       Juice: 4 cups      Exercise: 15 minute workout                         Cheat: Can’t remember

Comments: Having difficulty remembering to write everything down.

Water/tea: 2 cups       Juice: 6 cups       Exercise: 30 minute Just Dance XBox      Cheat: 1/4 cup of nuts


Water/tea: 2 cups      Juice: 6 cups       Exercise: 10 minute walk                                Cheat: 3 slices of ham


Water/tea: 2 cups      Juice: 4 cups       Exercise: 10 minute walk                                Cheat: 1 slice of whole wheat toast

Comments: Really bored of drinking.

Water/tea: 4 cups      Juice: 4 cups        Exercise: 30 minute walk                              Cheat: 1/2 of a whole wheat bun (homemade)


Total Tallys:

Money spent: $39..50 spent on veg & fruit
Total Water/tea consumed: 20 cups/ 160 oz.          Total Juice consumed: 40 cups/320 oz.       Exercise: 135 mins.                         Weight Loss/Gain: -0 lbs.

Other comments:
Really not wanting anymore juices. Looking forward to finishing! 🙂 I find it incredibly difficult to focus on exercise with two littles running around/needing help every five seconds and having to squeeze it in at different times. I do much better with routine, sadly that is just not happening. Like, never! Bigger of the littles will be off to Kindergarten in the Fall, so maybe without having to teach him first thing in the morning, I’ll be able to get some exercising in right away in the morning.  Looking forward to trying out some running with the littlest in the jogger without having to keep an eye on bigger brother.  Hoping to also begin some kind of a gym workout as well. Anyone have any favorite exercise websites to share?


4 thoughts on “Wrapping Up Week Five: 40 Day Green Juice Challenge

  1. I like body rock and zuzana light workouts. You tube! Then of course I gotta do yoga too, I find I like power yoga the best so far 🙂

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