Wrapping Up Week Four: 40 Day Green Juice Challenge


This isn’t the best photo, but the organic kale that was on sale at Ralphs was beautiful! Green and Purple, super pretty looking. By a weird, but wonderful chance, every week of this challenge the organic kale has been on sale at Ralphs! Every week I keep thinking, ‘this is the last week’ so I buy, juice & freeze enough for the coming week. Hehe, I have a stockpile in my freezer going on. Not a bad thing though. On to the update now.

WRAPPING UP WEEK FOUR of the 40 Day Green Juice Challenge. Here is the update

Water/tea: 14 cups      Juice: 8 cups      Exercise: 10 minute walk   Cheat: 1 slice of whole wheat toast


Water/tea: 5 cups       Juice: 8 cups      Exercise: 20 minutes of  Jillian Michael’s the Biggest Loser Last Chance workout on Youtube  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aI_GbhcVLjw (I only had time for 20 minutes)      Cheat: Same as yesterday

Comments: I just could not keep up drinking 60 extra ounces of the detox tea mix along with all the juice. So I did not do it today.

Water/tea:  2 cups       Juice: 9 cups      Exercise: 30 minute walk       Cheat: 1/2 cup of raw almonds


Water/tea: 4 cups       Juice: 8 cups       Exercise:  30 minute walk & 50 minute abs. arms & back workout Claudia Schiffer’s Perfectly Fit workout  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=daqksradzlA  (I only did the first video here)  Cheat: 1 slice of whole wheat toast


Water/tea: 4 cups      Juice: 7 cups       Exercise: 50 minute legs & butt workout Claudia Schiffer’s Perfectly Fit workout on Youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=daqksradzlA  (I did the second video here)   Cheat: 1 slice of whole wheat toast

Comments: Stomach ache today, not sure why. Exercise: She does ALOT of reps on each leg. I did them following along as much as I could, when it was too difficult I just ran in place until rested enough to continue.

Water/tea: 4 cups      Juice: 8 cups        Exercise: 25 minutes of Just Dance videos on Youtube      Cheat: 1 slice of whole wheat toast

Comments: Stomach ache again.

Water/tea: 4 cups      Juice: 2 cups        Exercise: 1 hour walk            Cheat: Homemade popcorn

Comments: I was out most of the day and so did not have the chance to be drinking much

Total Tallys:

Money spent: $27.00 (I had extra kale juice frozen from overbuying the last couple of weeks and fruit was pretty expensive this week. I also had about 5 lbs of carrots and a bunch of beets from last week)
Total Water/tea consumed: 37 cups/ 296 oz.          Total Juice consumed: 50 cups/400 oz.       Exercise:  275 mins./9.16 hours           Weight Loss/Gain: 0 lbs.

Other comments:
This week I added a little bit more exercise in. On a calorie flash: I looked up orange juice and it’s 112 calories a cup! Hmm, maybe that may the the problem of not losing too much weight. I was watching Biggest Loser Friday night and then I looked up one of Bob Harper’s books on amazon. There was a little preview read up there, that said he recommends women trying to lose weight to eat 800 calories. Of course I did not read the whole book, so I don’t know if he expects you to be working out or not. So then I started looking up calorie count of foods and started thinking of what those 800 calories looks like in real life food, hmm, makes me think. Anyway, I will continue on the juice challenge, but it did give me something to think about when I go back to eating again and I will be looking up his book at the library. Have a good week peeps!


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