Wrapping Up Week Three: 40 Day Green Juice Challenge


WRAPPING UP WEEK THREE: 40 Day Green Juice Challenge

Sorry I am posting a day late. We had a big day yesterday and the Hubbs left on a week long business trip. Anyhoo, here’s what went on last week.

Water/tea: 4 cups        Juice: 4 cups                Exercise: 40 minute walk                           Cheat: 1 slice of whole wheat toast

Comments: It seems I pretty much need a little carbs to keep me keeping pace with the littles.

Water/tea: 4 cups         Juice: 8 cups               Exercise: 10 minute walk                            Cheat: 1/2 a whole wheat bagel

Comments: None

Water/tea: 4 cups         Juice: 8 cups               Exercise: 45 swimming laps                       Cheat: 1 slice of whole wheat toast

Comments: Super hungry as a result of the swimming. But I was so happy to have gotten in a little more exercise.

Water/tea: 4 cups         Juice: 8 cups               Exercise: 10 minute walk                            Cheat: 1 slice of whole wheat toast

Comments: None

Water/tea: 4 cups         Juice: 8 cups               Exercise: 40 minute swimming laps        Cheat: 2 small slices of turkey

Comments: Hungry again!

Water/tea: 4 cups         Juice: 7 cups                Exercise: 60 minute walk                            Cheat: 4 thin slices of ham (store bought)

Comments: None

Water/tea:  10 cups      Juice:  0 cups             Exercise: 60 minute walk                            Cheat: Fruit and berries (about 1 cup)

Comments: I tried a new detox tea/water thing today (see below) so that’s pretty much all I had room for. I will certainly be shooting for juice in addition to the detox tea/water in the coming week.

Total Tallys:

Money spent: $27.00 spent on fruit & greens (I bought a ton of organic kale on sale last week, juiced and froze it to take advantage of the sale. Also went to a grocery store kind of far away because there was a ton of great fruit sales going on.)
Total Water/tea consumed: 34 cups/272 oz.          Total Juice consumed:  43 cups/344 oz.       Exercise:  265 mins./4.41 hrs.                             Weight Loss/Gain: -1 lb.

Other comments:
Still starting off the day with the warm lemon juice, though this week I tried limes instead (cause they were on sale). I must say for someone who has been drinking coffee daily for the last 17 years, I haven’t struggled too much with missing it in general, however this weekend I REALLY wanted some! I’m sure it helps that Hubbs doesn’t drink it. This coming week I will be drinking a mix of water, detox tea, 100% cranberry juice and lemon juice, a loose take on Jillian Micheal’s Recipe for losing 5 lbs of water weight in 7 days. You can find it here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D4SbT22Qs-M. I know it’s just losing water weight, but I thought it might make me feel better about not losing much weight the last two weeks. (But, I am making progress -7 lbs. since I’ve been juicing & -13 lbs. since April ) I have been drinking this tea for two days (Saturday & Sunday so far) but not really any bigger weight loss jump. It might be because I am juicing, therefore not eating much. I would imagine with drinking all that liquid, you won’t feel like eating much, so would lose some extra weight that way? Also, my local health food store was out of dandelion root tea (which is what Jillian suggests using) I used a detox tea containing dandelion root as an ingredient just cause I wanted to give this a go. I will try to find the correct tea next week and see if that makes a difference for me. Anyone else tried this tea drink? Let me know the results. Have a great week!


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