Wrapping Up Week One: 40 Day Green Juice Challenge


Here I am WRAPPING UP WEEK ONE of the 40 Day Green Juice Challenge. So, I promised a quick summary of what’s been going down the hatch and other tidbits of interest.

Water/tea: 6 cups      Juice: 6 cups      Exercise: 10 minute walk      Cheat: 1 cup smoothie (all fruit/juice with a little yogurt added)

Comments: I was really hungry today. Even though I made it a point to eat light yesterday. I had a caffeine headache (I had been drinking caffeinated teas) and was tired.

Water/tea: 6 cups       Juice: 4 cups      Exercise: 40 minute walk      Cheat: 1 cup homemade turkey broth

Comments: Again, I was super hungry with a worse headache. I napped when my toddler did (which I don’t normally do)

Water/tea: 6 cups       Juice: 8 cups      Exercise: 15 minute walk       Cheat: 1 cup homemade turkey broth

Comments: Same as yesterday.

Water/tea: 4 cups       Juice: 8 cups       Exercise: 60 minute walk      Cheat: NOTHING!

Comments: I felt a lot more energetic today.

Water/tea: 4 cups      Juice: 8 cups       Exercise: 10 minute walk       Cheat: 2 small slices of turkey

Comments: Same as yesterday.

Water/tea: 7 cups      Juice: 8 cups        Exercise: 10 minute walk      Cheat: 3 slices of chicken breast (home cooked)

Comments: Same as yesterday.

Water/tea: 4 cups      Juice: 6 cups        Exercise: 3 hour walk           Cheat: Bean burrito, 2 cookies (both homemade)

Comments: I kind of had a feeling I would need to eat a bit more today. We had a family outing to LEGOLAND and I had to walk around all day.

Total Tallys:

Money spent: $40.00 spent on veg & fruit ($25.00 organic kale, $5.00 cucumbers & lemons, $11.00 fruit)
Total Water/tea consumed: 37 cups/ 296 oz.          Total Juice consumed: 80 cups/640 oz.       Exercise: 315 mins./5 hrs 15 mins.                               Weight Loss/Gain: -4 lbs.

Other comments:
I started the day drinking 2 cups of warm lemon water as per Allison’s suggestion. The only organic produce I used was the greens. All the other items were regular produce that I washed and peeled. I did nap or rest most days, though I feel next week I will be able to go without one. I had hoped I’d be able to exercise this week, but other than walking the kids to the park, I couldn’t really muster the energy. I would suggest to anyone doing a juice fast is to start on a long weekend when you can get extra rest and be hungry/grumpy by yourself. I think if I could’ve rested more and was not at home chasing two kiddies, doing the meals, plus weekly baking of granola, cookies & muffins, I would not have needed to eat a little. I was really hungry and really low on energy and since I still needed to function around the house, I went ahead and had a few little cheats and continued on my juice fast. Ideally, I would have liked to avoid cheating entirely, but I really felt I needed to in order to keep up. All that to say, I hope my body will have adjusted better by next week. It’s been really difficult to be around food this week and I have missed the act of eating. I made all my juice at one time and froze it, because there was no way I would have time juice and clean the juicer everyday. The only thing I didn’t think of was to vary the recipe. I pretty much had the SAME juice everyday. Way boring, and I drank it out of hunger, instead of enjoying it. So next week I shall be drinking different juice mixes. I also came across another blogger’s suggestion, to have your ‘green’ juice first and finish with a sweeter ‘dessert’ type juice after. That way you look forward to something later. What a great idea! I will be having my green juice in the morning and my sweeter juice in the early evening. I will be sharing some of the juice combos I will be enjoying this week, so check back often. (Psst, some of  them do not require a juicer) Anyhoooo, that’s a wrap for this first week of the 40 Day Green Juice Challenge. Won’t you follow along for next week?


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