Our Summer Sand Pail List

Mom & the boys

Hey there friends,
Do you need a little inspiration to kick off the summertime fun? Here is OUR SUMMER PAIL LIST I put together for my guys, we’ll see how far we get. Maybe you’ll see something that sparks your imagination, the possibilities are endless. Take advantage of this great time of year to make some wonderful family memories. I will be marking them off as we go. Won’t you follow along?

– Trip to visit Grandparents (Check)
– Sailing with Granpy (Check)
– Berry & fruit picking (Check)
– Visit a lake (Check)
– Go camping (Check)
– Stay up as late as I want (1 night) (Check)
– Have an ice cream party (This is a summertime tradition in our family, it’s considered a treat) (Check)
– Library trip (Not just a quick jet in, jet out, but time to browse)
– Sign up for summer reading program at the local library (We read a ton all the time, but we don’t mind getting the prizes) (Check)
– Paint ball (Big boys)

Rich's iPhone 020 IMG_0002 FamilypicsJuly2011_23 Return to California 116 IMG_0435

– LEGOLAND waterpark (Check)
– Barnes & Nobles outing with Mom (Check out some books and get a snack) (Check)
– Go on a tandem bike ride with Dad (Can rent them at some beaches)
– Visit the indoor skate park for free lessons
– Roller rink blading
– Ice rink skating
– Sleepover at a friends (Check)
– Have a friend sleepover (Check)
– Visit a public garden
– Go on a hike

Return to California 130 Return to California 206 HurricaneHarbor2012008 Rich's iPhone 049 camp fire 3

– Visit with Uncle from out of town (Check)
– Visit the local raceway
– Visit a historic railroad depot
– Visit the Hotwheels Museum
– Archery range ($5.00 lessons, yes please)
– Ride your longboard, rollerblades, etc. (Check)
– Bake cookies (Check)
– Go thrift-ing
– Visit a museum (Look for free days offered by most museums a couple times a month)
– Popcorn and movie at home during the day (Check)

FamilypicsJuly2011_50 Auntie's visit2012 036 September 2012 019 IMG_0321

– Volunteer
– Go Fishing (Check)
– Do a random act of kindness (Check)
– Feed the ducks or turtles at a pond
– Plan and host a meal for friends (My older kids) (Check)
– Go swimming (Check)
– Teach or play with, your little brothers (Check)
– Visit a fish hatchery
– Visit tidepools (Check)
– Visit the beach (Check)

September 2012 105 IMG_0183 IMG_0304 IMG_0489

– Visit a new park (Check)
– Go mini golfing (Little guys) (Check)
– Kids Rogue Mud run (Check)
– Visit Yosemite National Park (Check)
– View the Golden Gate Bridge (Check)

How about you guys? What summer time fun ideas do you have in mind?


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