DIY Tutorial: How to Make a Fabric Rose


Here is a super simple tutorial to make a Fabric Rose. It looks more difficult to make than it is. It does take a bit of time , so use the time to catch up with your favorite show.

Materials needed for project:

– 100% polyester fabric (You only need a little piece. Not all polyester will yield the same looking results. My favorite fabric was a shirt, it was really lightweight and silky. I did try this method on a bunch different pieces of polyester fabric and while they all worked, this was my favorite look)
– Needle and thread
– Scissors
– Candle (I found a thin taper to be easiest to work with)

* Use caution with this project. Candles and flammable fabric are used.

Step 1: Cut out as many circles as you want, depending on the fullness of your flower choice. I used 8-10 circles for each of my flowers. I made mine 1 1/2- 2 1/2 inches, but make them as big or small as you’d like. Don’t stress about making them perfect circles either. A rough circular shape will do fine.


Step 2: Melt the fabric so it won’t fray. Do not actually place the fabric directly in the flame, just close to it. If it catches fire and blackens, no problem, snip off the burnt spot and continue melting. I found it most comfortable to hold the petal in my hands reaching around the candle. I also used a candle holder for added height, just cause I had it around.


The petal will look like this when the edges are melted. The graph paper shows approximate size.


Step 3: Fold circle petal in half


Step 4: Fold or roll petal from one side across. What I ended up doing with most of the flowers I made was simply to fold, fold and fold again. Fold into 8th’s.


Here’s what it looks like to roll it.


Step 5: A couple stitches secure it in place. If you did the foldy foldy version, two straight stitches through all the layers near the bottom of the fold will do it.


Step 6: Make four sets of rolled or folded petals and secure them to each other with a couple stitches.


The inner four petal section will look some thing like this.


Step 7: Stack up 2-4 (or more) larger petals.


Step 8: Make a couple large stitches through the stack of large petals. Place the inner group of petals in the middle of those stitches and pull to tighten. Notice how the stitch ends on the underside of the fabric (you can’t see it from the top inner view) don’t cut the thread off yet as you still need to make a couple stitches through both the inner group of petals and the final stack.


This is what the top view looks like at this point.


This is what the whole flower now looks like after securing the underside with stitches. Play around with a stitch here and there to get the desired look and shape of the flower that you want. There is really not a right or wrong way to do this.


And here is the finished project in a group.


I styled them in two different sizes of mercury glass round vases. I made these round vases along with my Mercury Glass Hurricane Candleholders.

Cost of project:

– Free (I had a shirt) 100% polyester fabric (If I were to buy the fabric, I would hit up a garage sale or thrift store. Doesn’t matter if the clothing item is ugly, you just want the fabric)

– Thread (I already had)

Total cost of project: FREE!

Add the DIY Mercury Glass round vases

– $2.00 Round glass vases (Dollar Tree)

– $8.00 Krylon Looking Glass spray paint (Walmart) (Since I already had this from another project, I won’t include the cost here)

Total cost of project and styling: $2.00


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