DIY Tutorial: Mercury Glass Bottom Hurricane Candleholder


Here is a fun little décor project, Mercury Glass meets Hurricane Candleholder

Materials needed for this project:

20130505_115342     20130505_113941     20130505_113921
– Glass taper candleholders ($1.00 from Dollar Tree)
– Glass pillar candleholders ($1-$1.50 from Dollar Tree (sm. ones) and Walmart (lg. ones)
– Votive candles in glass holder, optional (I choose these because I will use the empty glass for another project)
– E6000 adhesive ($3 with 40% off coupon from Michaels, send their coupon to your phone from their website)
– Krylon Spray Paint in Looking Glass finish ($8 from Walmart)
– Spray bottle with a half vinegar, half water mix
– A rag or paper towel

Step 1: Assemble your items
Step 2: Wash & dry all your glass

Step 3: Lightly spray your glass taper candleholders with your looking glass paint, let it dry for a few minutes
Step 4: A couple light sprays of the vinegar solution
Step 5: Lightly dab the vinegar solution off (don’t wipe or the paint will all come off. I had repeat the paint step, as I sprayed the vinegar on when the paint wasn’t dry enough and it all rubbed off)
Step 6: Let it dry completely

Step 7: Squeeze a small amount of E6000 around the top of your now mercury looking candle holder and press it lightly to the bottom of your pillar candle holder (you need the glue on both pieces) Take it apart to dry for 2 minutes separately to get tacky.
Step 8: Place the two candle holders together (glue together) turn it upside down and place something on top of them (I used a couple books) I put these babies out of reach of my real babies on a high shelf for 24 hours.


Step 9: Style your creations and enjoy!

Sorry, I didn’t get a ton of pictures. Hopefully, its still easy to understand and follow.

3 Ways of styling your new Mercury Glass Hurricane Candleholders


With a votive and seashells, some seasonal small fruit or with a votive and dried rose petals

Other styling ideas:

– Small snacks at a party (since there is no paint inside, you can use it for food)
– Nuts
– Colored leaves, berries, pebbles
– Decorative glass pieces
– Tidy succulent garden
– Store pencils, drinking straws
– Flowers as you would in a vase

Cost of project:

$5.00 taper candleholders
$5.00 votive candles in glass
$2.00 sm. glass pillar candleholders
$4.50 lg. glass pillar candleholders
$3.00 E6000 (regular $5)
$8.00 Krylon Looking glass paint

Total : $27.50 divided by 5 hurricane candleholders = $5.50 per candleholder


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